White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Sale

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Sale

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Kitchen Color: 15 Beautiful Blue Backsplashes-

Continuing our series on colorful backsplashes,   we turn to blue. Blue kitchens are, er, red hot right now. After years of our being advised to not use blue in a kitchen (it’s thought to be appetite suppressing),   cool shades of the color are showing up more and more in kitchen tools, accessories and, yes, backsplash materials. Here’s a small glimpse at some of the many blue backsplash options, along with a few tips for working the color into your own kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen by KW Designs

One of my favorite kitchen color trends is a palette consisting of black,   white and shades of gray and watery blues. The blue glass subway tile backsplash here adds just the right punch of color.   Mix in a wooden or natural cork floor for added warmth and texture.

Backsplash: 3- by 6-inch glass subway tiles in Frosted Ocean Grey from The Five Elements

Contemporary Kitchen by Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

Cobalt blue becomes fashionable every 15 years or so and is currently enjoying an upswing in popularity.   But I would never advocate using a color for your backsplash just because it’s trending, as the expense and hassle of changing it once the trend passes are much too great.   So if you aren’t sure you’d want this color in your kitchen for very long, paint it on a wall instead. It’ll be much easier (not to mention affordable) to swap out down the road.

If you truly love this color — ever-changing color trends aside — and want to use it for a backsplash,   I say go for it. It’s close enough to the indigo color of blue jeans,   which we are used to seeing accessorized with any and every color, that it functions as a neutral, giving you flexibility with the palette.

Backsplash: Classic field tile in Opal Blue from Heath Ceramics

Rustic Kitchen by David Johnston Architects

It’s tough to compete for attention with this fantastic range,   vent hood and stone arch but, boy, the backsplash sure does a good job of it. These beautiful Moroccan blue tiles are hand made in Casablanca.   You can mix and match the patterns to create a unique backsplash in your own kitchen.

Backsplash: 4-inch square Fez tiles from Moorish Architectural Design

Contemporary Kitchen by Ryan Rhodes Designs, Inc.

Navy blue is an elegant,   dramatic backsplash color choice. It looks superb when paired with medium to dark wood tones as well as shades of orange, its complementary hue on the color wheel.

Backsplash: 2- by 8-inch Debris Series field tile in Navy Gloss from Fireclay

Beach Style Kitchen by Donna Elle Seaside Living

Small glass mosaics in various shades of blue simply dazzle in this charming kitchen.

Backsplash:   Chelsea Art Glass⅜-inch snapped Artisan Field tile in French Blue from Walker Zanger

Contemporary Kitchen by Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

For those looking for a soft and serene shade of blue,   here’s another nice option from Walker Zanger; it’s available in a variety of sizes and formats.

Backsplash:   1- by 4-inch Roku straight-set mosaic glass tile in Rain from Walker Zanger

Modern Kitchen by Jennifer Ott Design

The homeowner fell in love with this tile at the very start of the project, and everything else in the kitchen was selected to work with it.   Matte glass tiles such as these have a softer, more muted feel than their glossy counterparts.

Backsplash:   1- by 6-inch brick glass tiles in Icelandic Blue, frosted, from the Signature Glass Collection by Akdo

Transitional Kitchen by Kahn Design Associates

Prefer something one of a kind for your kitchen backsplash? Consider working with a ceramicist to have custom tiles made to your specifications. If your backsplash area is smallish, going this route may not be as expensive as you think. Plus,   it’s a great way to support a local artisan.

Backsplash: Custom tiles byLaura Lovitt

Mediterranean Kitchen Mediterranean Kitchen

Inject some old-world charm into your kitchen with a backsplash clad in a beautiful blue arabesque tile.   Just be sure to use a contrasting color for the grout, so the curvaceous shape of the tile is highlighted.

Similar backsplash: Debris Series Ogee recycled tile in Caribbean from Fireclay Tile

Traditional Kitchen by Geoff Chick & Associates

I’m normally not drawn to all-white or mostly white kitchens,   but this one is so clean, crisp and stylish with that pretty light blue sparkling backsplash.

Backsplash: 3- by 6-inch Crystile Series glass subway tile in Morning Mist fromInterceramic

Contemporary Kitchen by Structures, Inc.

Here’s another fetching shimmery blue glass tile backsplash in a mostly white kitchen.   I like the subtly different shades of blue that catch the light nicely.

Backsplash: 1- by 6-inch staggered glass mosaic tile from Waterworks

Contemporary Kitchen by Jeri Koegel Photography

If you prefer your sparkling backsplash sans grout lines, which can be a real chore to clean and maintain,   go for a blue back-painted-glass backsplash instead.

Backsplash: Back-painted glass. For a similar paint color,   check out Mexicali Turquoise from Benjamin Moore.

Modern Kitchen by 2fORM Architecture

Another groutless backsplash option is a paneled backsplash made of decorative acrylic resin.   This particular acrylic is manufactured using pre-consumer-waste aluminum flake, solid-surface scrap and recycled acrylic.   The deep blue color makes the backsplash really stand out against the wood cabinets, and the pieces of aluminum embedded in the acrylic offer a nice touch of glitz.

Backsplash:   Recyled acrylic panels in Lazuli 720 from Alkemi

I’m not sure what I’m drawn to most in this kitchen, the tall wall of windows or the gorgeous stone mosaic backsplash.   This backsplash tile is a fantastic alternative to ubiquitous white ceramic or marble subway tiles for a traditional kitchen.

Backsplash:   Celestial Starry Blue polished mosaic tile from Artistic Tile

Contemporary Kitchen by Jute Interior Design

I am truly captivated by this very cool backsplash. I love the colors, the chevron pattern, everything.   Don’t be afraid to be daring when it comes to your backsplash, which typically constitutes a small area of your kitchen, allowing you to pull off bold colors and patterns. Plus, higher-priced materials might be doable for backsplashes because you aren’t covering a large area.

Backsplash: Custom design from Ann Sacks

Tell us:   Would you add a splash of blue to your kitchen? Which one is your favorite?

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