Cheap White Kitchen Cabinets

Cheap White Kitchen Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Current Events for Traditional Kitchens-

Kitchens with a little country or old-school quirkiness can have loads of charm; however,   their traditional aesthetic may at some point feel like it's losing its relevance.   If you’re wondering how to contemporize the style of your kitchen without damaging its traditional integrity, read on for 10 ideas.

Beach Style Kitchen by Whitten Architects

1. Go for stainless steel.   If your budget allows, update your appliances to stainless steel options; they will provide just the right modern touch to a more traditional space. If you’re working on saving toward these big purchases, start small by upgrading your kitchen’s hardware to sleek,   contemporary designs.

Traditional Kitchen by Marlene Wangenheim AKBD, CAPS, Allied Member ASID

2. Swap out your light fixtures.   A chandelier, for example, will add a bit of glam to your traditional kitchen, providing a relevant edge.

Traditional Kitchen by Crisp Architects

3. Add pendant lights.   If your country-style kitchen isn’t properly lit, now is the time to fix it; pendant lights will make it appear that much more modern. Install them over work areas, such as countertops or the island, to improve your space aesthetically and functionally.

Traditional Kitchen by Crisp Architects

4. Pull the lighting throughout the space.   Be sure you’ve added lighting beneath the cabinetry as well as near the ceiling. This will eliminate shadows and give your space a fresh, balanced feel.

Traditional Kitchen by Susan Serra

5. Update your countertops.   This is a fairly pricey option, but updating your countertops is well worth the investment. Any rustic cottage-style or traditional space paired with granite countertopsbecomes eclectic and interesting instead of outdated. Plus,   marbleis classic, making it a sound investment.

Kitchen by Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

6. Look up and down.   How are your floors and ceiling looking? If you feel like they’re really dragging down the aesthetic, it could be time for a change. This floor design puts a contemporary spin on the traditional checkerboard by incorporating natural wood, while a wallpapered ceiling provides an unexpected touch. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider modern rugs for the floor or a fresh coat of paint for the ceiling.

Traditional Kitchen by Debra Campbell Design

7. Get out the paint.   A country-style kitchen can feel instantly modern with new color. Paint the walls, cabinetry, ceiling beams — whatever you feel could use a little modern punch.

Traditional Kitchen by Emery & Associates Interior Design

8. Add drama with a bold color.  Accent your space with a bold, contemporary color, like on these cabinets. The contrast against a largely white space is uniquely modern.

Rustic Kitchen by Susan Serra

9. Choose contemporary furnishings.   What you choose to fill your kitchen has a huge impact on its overall aesthetic. Instead of going with traditional table and chairs, look for something with a modern appeal. It may seem counterintuitive, but your space will become enlivened.

Beach Style Kitchen by Yvonne McFadden LLC

10. Do away with cabinetry.   Open shelving is all the rage right now. Swap cabinetry for shelving for an instant style upgrade and an airy, relaxed aesthetic, especially when juxtaposed with a natural wood island.

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