Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

When the owners of this Victorian terraced house in North London purchased the property, Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets it was in a state of total disrepair. Their taste was traditional, but they were inspired by architect Melissa Robinson’s suggestion of a split-level reception area, with four floors over two stories (a basement, kitchen level, sitting room level and study level). Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets “They were pretty brave and took a bit of a blind leap in trusting us,” Robinson says. The kitchen, on the second of the four floors, was to be something a little different from the rest of the traditional Victorian home. "Kitchen at a Glance “The kitchen cabinetry is a Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets massive piece, with units coming up from the basement, through the kitchen and back up over into the study,” Robinson says. “We wanted it to be so big to introduce volume, because it has impact.” The clients wanted to avoid the bifold doors they’d seen on Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets additions to period properties throughout London, and instead went for a steel-framed expanse that gives a nod to more traditional design. Windows on either side of hinged doors can be opened, providing flexibility with the ventilation. MW Architects1The designers went for partially open storage for the Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets wall cabinets. “We wanted there to be continuity as it went up the wall,” Robinson says. “It starts to form more of a bookcase at the study level, and keeping that openness was a nice way of Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets bringing it down into the kitchen, where it’s a combination of shelving and closed units.”MW Architects1Robinson installed a large skylight in the side addition area to bring maximum light into Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets the kitchen. The voids themselves act almost as skylights, as they allow light to penetrate through the connected spaces. MW ArchitectsRobinson kept the original staircase in the rest of the house, and its form creates beautiful lines in the kitchen area that bring a soft end to the shelving units. Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets By bringing the steps that lead down into the kitchen out of the main stairwell, it allowed the architect to create an interesting, multilevel effect, as well as carve out a passage that leads to the new basement area. For lighting, they went for surface-mounted spotlights. “I’m not a huge fan of recessed spots,” Robinson says. “You can play with surface-mounted ones more. Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets They give a lot more flexibility, particularly with the shelving system — you can direct them wherever you like.”MW Architects1The idea was to create a kitchen island that would be multidirectional. Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets “It’s a massive island with access on all sides,” Robinson explains. “So near the dining area, there’s a cupboard for tableware; the side that faces the kitchen is used for pots and pans; Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets the part facing the staircase is more decorative, with open storage; and there’s a cupboard for occasional-use things on the remaining side.”MW ArchitectsThe dining table came from next door. “A neighbor was downsizing, so she gave the owners the table and chairs – they came in over the garden fence,” Robinson says. One of the major challenges of the Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets project was the structure. “It was quite complicated,” Robinson says. “We took out some of the main pieces of structure, and because of the split levels, we were limited in where we could put Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets new structure in, so we had to get steel in quite cleverly. The column in the middle is key.” The goal was to have a modern kitchen in a house that otherwise retains its Victorian feel. “We didn’t want to destroy the fact that it’s a Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Victorian home,” Robinson says. The darker wall color seen here is quite cozy, and the owners’ furniture enhances the traditional feel."

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