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Best Cheap Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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2 Kitchen 10'x 10' Layout & 


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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

It may not always be practical or affordable to rebuild the cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom. Best Cheap Cabinets Or you may like your cabinets, but they just need a refresh. Refacing them might be the best solution. But what does refacing involve? Best Cheap Cabinets As with most construction projects, the answer depends on lots of details. "Project: Refacing kitchen cabinets. Black and white themes never go out of style and can always look fresh and crisp. Shiny black countertops and a bright white cabinet finish dignify this comfortable kitchen design with refacing. Best Cheap Cabinets Nothing here is too complicated or fussy. Best Cheap Cabinets The two pairs of glass panel doors on either side of the microwave oven delicately relieve the long bank of upper cabinets, preventing monotony.Benchmark Home ImprovementsA soft contemporary theme has been achieved in this refaced kitchen. Notice that the cabinet door is a simple stile and rail with a flat-panel inset, which is called a Shaker style. Best Cheap Cabinets This is one of the least expensive door styles available, and it can be used in both modern and traditional interiors effectively. Stainless steel hardware complements the coordinating appliances. Again, Best Cheap Cabinets glass upper cabinet doors provide interest.Robinwood KitchensMost homes are traditional, and it seems that one can never go wrong when going with this classic design theme. Best Cheap Cabinets Click here to see the stark contrast between this refaced kitchen and the original. Surprised that it used to be contemporary? While this kitchen probably pushes the refacing envelope, you can see how dramatic a transformation can be without the entire room’s being rebuilt.Before PhotoKitchen Tune-Up - Best Cheap Cabinets RoanokeLet’s take a closer look at how the previous examples have been transformed by first examining simpler conversions. This kitchen has everything many people want in their kitchens, including granite countertops and a nice tile backsplash. The very basic layout suits the size of the room. Best Cheap Cabinets But the gold-brown cabinet finish and heavy wood grain make it appear like unfinished or raw wood.Kitchen Tune-Up - RoanokeAFTER: By changing to maple doors and drawer fronts, facing the frames with maple veneer and applying a darker stain, the designer made the space appear far more handsome. The maple has a much softer and mellower grain, and the darker color gives the room a richer feeling.Before PhotoCustom Classic CabinetryHere we have a very spacious and nicely appointed kitchen with nice granite countertops and tile backsplashes. Best Cheap Cabinets But again, the gold-brown and heavily grained oak cabinets do not make the room feel special. Also, the door style looks dated.Custom Classic CabinetryAFTER: Notice that most elements from the original kitchen are still here. Best Cheap Cabinets The difference is that all the doors and drawer fronts have been changed to maple with a furniture-quality finish. Also, finish panels added to the side of the refrigerator cabinet and to the base of the island dress up these highly visible elements, Best Cheap Cabinets making this kitchen even nicer.Before PhotoPro RefinishOnce again heavily grained stained oak cabinets cheapen the atmosphere in this roomy kitchen. Otherwise, it has everything you would want, Best Cheap Cabinets including a large window over the sink that lets in lots of natural light, granite countertops and up-to-date appliances.Pro RefinishAFTER: This time the cabinets, doors and all, stayed in place but got completely painted over. Notice also that the pulls and knobs were replaced as well. Best Cheap Cabinets Now the darker granite contrasts the light cabinets in a sophisticated way. The room feels cheery and clean compared to before.Pro RefinishLooking up close at the newly painted cabinets, Best Cheap Cabinets you can see that the finish has been given a slightly distressed edge. This effect adds depth and character. These are not necessarily expensive cabinets to start, but this type of finish can really add flavor.Before PhotoKitchen Tune-Up - BlountvilleBEFORE: Best Cheap Cabinets In some cases you may be faced with damaged surfaces. The great thing about wood is that it often can take a beating and still be revived for more life. As long as the wood has not warped from water damage or other problems, don’t give up on it.Kitchen Tune-Up - Best Cheap Cabinets BlountvilleAFTER: Here is the repaired cabinet with the scratches sanded out and a new coat of stain and varnish added. You will most likely want to find someone who does this type of work on a regular basis unless you are skilled at refinishing wood surfaces.Best Cheap Cabinets Before PhotoPro RefinishWhat is it about heavy oak grain that it seems to show up so frequently? This bath cabinet is in excellent shape, Best Cheap Cabinets with plenty of drawers and storage. It would be a shame to toss it out just because it is a little homely.Pro RefinishAFTER: A distressed off-white lacquer finish transformed that dowdy cabinet into a substantial statement. Notice that the original hardware, granite, mirror, sinks and plumbing fixtures remain. By adding beadboard to the end face and wrapping the base with a mold, Best Cheap Cabinets the finisher created a whole new statement with minimal effort.Before PhotoPride&Joy Home ImprovementsThis modern and slick kitchen has beautiful stone countertops and a marvelous mosaic tile backsplash. Even the appliances are up-to-date. But the color of the wood finish and the cabinet door style are not congruent with the space’s modern elements and colors.Pride&Joy Best Cheap Cabinets Home ImprovementsAFTER: Transformed with black stain and new Shaker-style doors, the cabinets now make a confident modernist statement. Note that the hardware has also been replaced. The original had decent brushed metal pulls, Best Cheap Cabinets but the remodeled version has more substantial hardware that is easier to see and nicer to touch."

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