Small Kitchen Cabinets

Small Kitchen Cabinets

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Small Kitchen Cabinets


Learn about the options for small kitchen cabinets to see how you can accommodate even the smallest kitchens with much needed storage and great design.


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Kitchen cabinets take up a huge amount of real estate in your kitchen, so it goes without saying that if the blueprint of your kitchen is small, then small kitchen cabinets will be needed.


In general, base kitchen cabinets are 24 inches deep and 36 inches high. They sit directly on the floor or rest upon a four-inch toe kick riser. Their width can vary depending on what's sitting on top of them, including sinks, cooktops or countertops. Wall cabinets are usually 24 inches high and 12 to 16 ins deep. The standard width for two-door wall cabinets is 30 in . to 36 inches.


If the area you're working with might not accommodate cabinets in standard sizes, an option is to have custom cabinets built in your kitchen to provide you with the storage you need in your tight space. Custom cabinets are individually crafted according to the homeowner's specific design requests. They are typically built by local cabinetmakers or carpenters hired by the homeowner. The labor costs of custom cabinetry are significant, as nothing is pre-built and every cabinet part must be built from scratch, assembled and then installed. This laborious process takes time and in turn costs money.


From a design standpoint, small kitchen cabinets can be made to look larger using several design tips. First, try painting small kitchen cabinets white. White rooms appear bigger, and if you paint your small kitchen cabinets white or another light-reflective color, the space will appear bigger. Small kitchen cabinets can also be left open without doors-or given glass-paneled doors to make them (and your overall space) show up bigger.


Homeowners with large kitchens also may seek out some small kitchen cabinets to fill in spaces around appliances or to provide unique storage space such as spice cabinets or wine cabinets.


Whether your kitchen requires small kitchen cabinetry to fit into a small space or you are looking for specific cabinets to provide storage for certain kitchen items, cabinets can be custom made smaller than standard sizes in any design to provide functional storage space in a style that reflects your taste and personality.


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Get essential info on small kitchen cabinets, and maximize the efficiency of your kitchen space.


If you're concerned about space in your kitchen, you may want to consider breaking from the typical template and adding small kitchen cabinets. A tight space can still work quite well with the right storage options, and these ideas should help you maximize your kitchen's efficiency.


The first tip for small kitchen cabinets are to build up, not out. You can stack cabinets together with one another, building all the way to the ceiling, and use every inch of available vertical space.


Another idea for small kitchen cabinets  are to combine appliances, storage space and cabinet space. You can use cabinets to hide a low-profile refrigerator, stow a trash or recycling bin, or conceal a lazy Susan. For floor cupboards, consider using small kitchen cabinets to create a little kitchen island.


Another efficient use of small kitchen cabinets are door storage. Attaching racks or shelves to the interior side of cabinet doors can allow you to double the amount of food stores or supplies they can hold. Similarly, consider adding tiered storage space inside of small kitchen cabinets-this will allow you to see all the items stored inside and easily access whatever you will need.


Lastly, add design touches that create the impression of space, like making sure the roof and cabinet tones match-if they contrast, the area will seem smaller. Also, lighter tones tend to create a more open up, airy feel in smaller spaces.

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