Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

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modular kitchen cabinets


Learn about the different options of modular kitchen cabinets and how they translate into a spacious and airy dream kitchen.


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modular kitchen cabinets design can mean different things to different people, but in general if your design style is less traditional and more contemporary, you may favor using modular kitchen cabinets in your remodel.


modular kitchen cabinets design started around World War I and featured flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. modular kitchen cabinets are characterized by this sleek, more angular design with a simplicity in their doors and frames. Recent modern design reflects a trend towards midcentury modern furniture, which features bold angles and curves. This design can be translated into modern kitchen cabinetry as well. modular kitchen cabinets islands can harbor modular kitchen cabinets that reflect this angular or curved look and also feature up-to-date components to store cookware and dishware.


Materials common in modular kitchen cabinets are often man-made and can include metal, plastic, concrete and glass. Semi-opaque or frosted glass is definitely a popular look for modular kitchen cabinets. Replacing old cabinet doorways with frosted cup ones is a simple and cost-effective way to make your kitchen more modern. modular kitchen cabinets can also be faced with wood veneer or plastic material laminate. To achieve the characteristic modern look, you can use solid wood veneer with an exaggerated horizontal grain pattern. Mixed materials are also featured in modern kitchen design.


While traditional kitchen cabinets tend to be made of one type of real wood throughout, modular kitchen cabinets can combine materials like timber, laminates, glass and metal to achieve a more unique feel.


Color is another unique feature in modular kitchen cabinets. While the natural colors of hardwood veneer are popular in this design aesthetic, so are strong, less traditional colors. Deep reds and blues and fluorescent yellows, oranges and greens can be been seen in more daring modular kitchen cabinets designs.


Regardless of the color or material used in your modular kitchen cabinets design, the most important thing to consider is the shape and form of your cabinet doors. modular kitchen cabinets feature flat slab doors that avoid excessive details. No crown molding, raised panels or decorative carvings are seen, emphasizing flat, smooth surfaces instead.


The simplicity of a modern kitchen design allows for a far more spacious and airy feel in your kitchen. Therefore this design style is favored among those with lots of windows in their kitchen as well as people that have few. Homeowners who are working with small angular spaces may favor the look and function of modular kitchen cabinets as they favor function over ornamentation.

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Get the sleek, contemporary look you desire by exploring your options for modular kitchen cabinets.


The term "modern" often means various things to differing people, but if you're in the market for modular kitchen cabinets, it probably means you're looking for a sleek, angular, updated look-as opposed to one of the more historical cabinet styles.


In general, modular kitchen cabinets will be seen as a sleeker, more angular design, with less ornamentation and a simpler, sleeker look overall. They may also feature bolder, less traditional colors, like deep reds or fluorescent yellows and greens.


In recent years, modern kitchen cabinet styles have been a reflection of the overall trend toward midcentury modern furniture, often featuring pieces with daring angles and curves.


Another feature of modular kitchen cabinets design is the mixing of materials. Whereas traditional kitchen cabinets are often exclusively wood, modular kitchen cabinets may combine materials like wood, laminate materials, cup and even metallic for a more industrial feel.

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