Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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maple kitchen cabinets


A heavy hardwood with lots of potential, maple kitchen cabinets attracts modern sensibilities and won't break your budget

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Why choose maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) for furniture, cabinetry, floors or paneling? "It's strong, it's durable, and price-wise it's in the ballpark with all the other solid wood," says Anthony Fortner, a woodworking professor at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California.

Due to its dense pore framework, maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is heavy. For furniture, this implies it stays set up. For doorways, it imparts a  closing, solid and masterful golf swing upon starting. For millwork and cabinetry, this density makes maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) much more resistant than other woods to  dings, scratches and dents. "It's a popular real wood now because it's a light color that falls into the modern category," says Fortner. "And generally its grain pattern is calm and clean."


The Basics:

Maple is a wood, which means it comes from a deciduous tree (one which loses its leaves seasonally). Softwoods, on the other hands, are from coniferous  trees and shrubs, redwood, cedar, Douglas fir and such as pine.

You'll hear references to hard and soft maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ), but those finish up being relative terms because even soft maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is harder than almost every other hardwoods. Both are very pale-colored and thick with a fairly quiet grain design.

Other titles for hard maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) include rock maple, sugar maple and dark maple - predicated on the species of tree it comes from. Likewise, common types of soft maple are red maple, package elder, silver maple or big leaf maple. Soft maple is somewhat lighter in weight than hard maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ).


Types of Maple:

Area of expertise maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) - additionally known as figured maple - has a visually compelling grain pattern that invites comment. Because there is no such thing as a figured maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) varieties, it is an excellent surprise when trees and shrubs are milled and the figuring is uncovered. No-one really knows what causes this extraordinary impact, but because of its rarity it is a lot more costly than regular maple.

There are several types of specialty maples, and their names relatively reflect the type of figuring within their grain pattern. Quilted maple has an almost 3-D appearance and reflects light in a manner that begs you to run your hand over it to feel the optical-illusion "bubbles." It really is typically reserved for tabletops.

Curly maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ), flame maple, fiddleback and tiger maple are characterized by either lighter or darker translucent rays shooting across its grain pattern. Frequently, these specialty woods are used as door panels or tabletops.

Birdseye maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) features a design of small dark brown swirling "eye" (that are actually diminutive knots) that almost resemble cells seen under a microscope. Because it's so expensive, this kind of maple comes primarily as a veneer and is a valued choice for cabinets. (It's also frequently used as interior trim on high-end cars.)



maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is one of the very most sustainable varieties of trees and shrubs used commercially because of its brief growing life. Trees and shrubs are harvested at maturity, and because maple trees and shrubs mature more quickly than other types, they are not as endangered as slower-growing trees and shrubs. Also, due to its durability, maple doesn't have to be replaced frequently, which makes it a great reclaimed hardwood. A prime source of reclaimed maple countertops is the heavy floors from bowling alleys.

Reclaimed maple flooring generally increases the value of the home.



Due to its noteworthy toughness, hard maple is a great choice for flooring. It also serves well as a kitchen countertop because of its closed-pore density. Some individuals would rather use their maple counter top as a chopping block and view the eventual scuffed-up surface as adding overall personality to an area. Others prefer to keep their maple countertop in leading condition, keeping it by simply wiping it dried out after every use.

maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is also a great choice for baseboards, door frames and other mouldings that are at the mercy of more intense levels of use and abuse.

Covering walls with maple-veneered plywood can both warm and brighten basement rooms. Many different levels of plywood are available, so make certain to designate Quality A for the outward-facing side, which means the maple veneer put on the fabricated core is free from visible defects.



As time passes, all maple steadily develops a yellowish patina, which lends it a polished glow. However, many people prefer to paint - and maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is a perfect hardwood for painting due to its density. When softer woods like poplar or alder get dinged up, the paint usually breaks at the indentation, which is improbable to happen with maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ). Furthermore, its calm grain pattern doesn't interfere with the overall effect of the paint.

The downside is that maple will not generally stain well. The most common issue about stained maple ( maple kitchen cabinets ) is it appears blotchy. Which means easiest way to stain maple is to look with an extremely dark color so the blotchiness adds history texture. With a light to medium stain, the blotchiness would be more prominent - plus some would say distracting.

If you want to color the wood to a medium tone, you have the option of dying it with water-based aniline dyes and then sealing it with a clear coat of end. Whereas discolorations deposit solid pigments into the solid wood, dyes color the timber without departing a residue behind, and therefore you achieve a larger degree of clearness.

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