Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinets

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Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas  


Add storage and beauty to your laundry room cabinets.

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Few things will give a laundry room a finished look just how cabinets will. Laundry room cabinets can keep bottles of cleaning soap, fabric softener, home cleansers and other items out of sight. Cabinets are an especially interesting option if your laundry room is part of the mudroom with an outside door that is used as an entry to your home on a regular basis.


In addition to adding storage capacity, cabinets can truly add beauty to your laundry room. You'll find inexpensive stock models at the neighborhood do-it-yourself store, or salvage a set from a thrift store. Some stores sell deeper cabinets manufactured specifically for laundry room use. Often, all it takes is some elbow grease to completely clean up and add a fresh layer of color or stain to create a fresh new look for old cabinets.laundry room cabinets


In case your budget allows, you can hire a contractor to create custom cabinets for you room. The contractor will tailor the cabinets to your family's needs and the measurements of your room. You may opt for standard above-counter cabinets, or put in a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to keep brooms, mops and other high items out of view. Installing cabinets so each goes completely up the wall to the roof will maximize your space for storage. Store little-used items such as seasonal and vacation adornments up high, and keep a folding step stool handy when you need to reach them.laundry room cabinets


Although cabinets will surely hide items from view, you might install at least one cabinet with a glass-front door. Placing a collection of vases, pitchers or other pottery items behind a glass-front cabinet can make a good focal point in a room where decor is often overlooked.laundry room cabinets


Walls aren't the only areas where cabinets can be utilized. A standalone cabinet, entertainment center, wardrobe or armoire can be repurposed to hold a few of your laundry or cleaning materials. You can also designate a cabinet or armoire as a middle for sewing or crafts. Even a small floor cabinet can add to the looks of your laundry room while providing necessary storage. Also keep in mind the region under your washer and dryer; a sturdy cabinet under devices is a superb way to include storage while elevating the appliances to make launching and unloading less taxing on your lower back. A kitchen sink with cabinets underneath provides yet another place to keep cleaning supplies under wraps when not in use. You can also hide hampers in cabinets by utilizing a wire mesh roll-out hamper that slides into the cabinet, or have a pull-out drawer custom built.laundry room cabinets

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