Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen Island Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Kitchen Island Cabinets


Add the completing touches to your space for storage with these tricks for choosing kitchen island cabinets.

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As being a door to a closet or cellar area, the kitchen island cabinets are essential for concealing storage items and giving the area a finished look.


There are a number of kitchen island cabinet styles, ranging from those with transparent fronts to those that are opaque, only partially revealing your kitchen items that lie inside. Wooden cabinet options include styles which have a straight-line front to those that are embellished by vintage-inspired accents. These cabinets may also be colored a variety of colors and washes, making them a versatile option for an array of kitchens.


Opaque and glass entrance kitchen island cabinets can also be an interesting choice, especially for homeowners who are seeking to showcase colorful kitchen items or valuable china pieces. To get a kitchen with an eclectic feel, repurposed barn wood cabinet doorways or reclaimed windows can also lend an antique, down-to-earth vibe to a kitchen space.


Take into account that no matter the kitchen island cabinet you choose, the style should set well with the entire look of your kitchen. Choose a cabinet which allows for the most practical use of the island, and pair your alternatives with holders and knobs that accent the design.


Whether your kitchen island is a freestanding piece of furniture or a custom-designed built-in, it's fun to get creative with storage (and aesthetic) options whenever choosing cabinets with the right appear and feel for your space.


Many pre-built models are designed with cabinets that keep prep essentials within reach, casing fixed shelves or drawers convenient for devices, cookware or bakeware that 're normally used.


Even little details like drawer pulls (think icebox latches) or concealed compartments (locking knife drawers and pull-out counters) take multitasking to the extreme.


Does the color of the kitchen island cabinets need to complement the other cabinetry in the kitchen? Not necessarily. Introducing a fresh color, in truth, whether it's through the finish on the cabinets or the design of the counter top, allows the island to make a dramatic visual statement, adding interest to the overall space.

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