Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Find helpful information on kitchen cabinet styles to check out helpful pictures for inspiration.

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Whether you're setting up completely new kitchen cabinets or looking to refurbish existing ones, the number of available kitchen cabinet styles can appear overwhelming at first. Exploring the most common options and keeping a few helpful tips in mind will help you choose the style that's right for your home.


The first decision you need to make when contemplating kitchen cabinet styles is whether you want your kitchen cabinets to match the overall home décor, have a slight departure, or make a radical right turn. A kitchen is its own space with its own uses, but most kitchens do reveal the overall design style of the home. A modernist masterpiece kitchen could be a little of a shock to enter from an arts and crafts-style living room-but the only guideline to follow as it pertains to home design is "make sure it seems right for you." Ultimately, the decision is yours when it comes to coordinating styles room to room.


There are many style options to consider for kitchen cabinets, however, many of the very most popular fall into three categories:  traditional, vintage and modern.


Types of modern cabinets are sleek, colorful, European-style sheet glass and lacquered real wood cupboards. This look may be accomplished for less with laminate cabinets.


If you're looking for a less edgy kitchen cabinet styles, traditional cabinetry provides a homier, cozier aesthetic, with styles like Shaker, cathedral and arched cupboards, and raised or recessed panels.


Lastly, if you'd like to add some historical gravity to your kitchen design, vintage cabinet styles featuring decorative molding and beaded board will transport your kitchen to some other time.

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kitchen cabinet styles


Discover the various kitchen cabinet styles available, and choose the appearance you want for your renovated dream kitchen.


Kitchen cabinet styles come in a wide variety and appeal to homeowners with design preferences ranging from the most traditional to the modern.


Based on what decor style fits you and your home, you will get a kitchen cabinet styles that reflects your design interests and allows your personality sparkle through.


Most kitchen cabinets styles fall in the traditional or modern category, numerous subcategories within thesekitchen cabinet styles to choose from. Traditional kitchen cabinet styles can add a variety of appears from cottage to country, old world to Shaker. Traditional kitchen cabinets tend to have decorative doors with raised or recessed paneling. They could also use special coatings or distressing techniques to bring about a convenient and inviting design visual. Their color palette tends to be neutral or take advantage of historical colors that will provide a warm and warm feel in your house.


Modern kitchen cabinet styles may integrate contemporary materials such as European-style sheet-glass and lacquered wood. This style could also use bold pops of color in cabinets expressing a homeowner who isn't afraid to show his / her vibrant side.


There are also some kitchen cabinet styles in the design world that don't really fit into a traditional or modern category but instead express a distinctive design view. Some of these kitchen cabinet styles include classic or retro kitchens, which provide a historical or nostalgic vibe to your house by using cabinets with ornamental moldings and beadboard or strong colors to suggest the appearance of past decades.


Another unique kitchen cabinet styles sometimes appears in the log home look where rustic woods and natural colors are accustomed to bring the outdoors into the home. Hardwood beams and revealed wood grain are fundamental features in this original kitchen style that isn't quite traditional but definitely will not fall into today's kitchen category.


Finally, homeowners with global design goals might want to include a kitchen cabinet styles observed in specific parts of the world. French country, Tuscan, Italian and Mexican kitchen cabinet styles are unique to the regions they comes from and can be translated into an unique style in your house as well.

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