Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Corner Kitchen Cabinet

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Corner Kitchen Cabinets


Learn all of your options for corner kitchen cabinets to maximize kitchen storage and minimize lost space in your kitchen.

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Also known as the "Bermuda triangle of your kitchen," the corner kitchen cabinets may also be the area that food stores and supplies enter, never to be seen again. Hard to gain access to and harder to use efficiently, corner kitchen cabinets can waste space and cause frustration-unless you explore a few of the clever ideas used to treatment the conundrum of the corner kitchen cabinets.


Among the first suggestions to investigate is whether or not your corner kitchen cabinets can become a drawer/cabinet combo. A recent innovation in kitchen areas is to make a swing-out corner cabinets. When extended, it folds out away from the corner, exposing all of the items in the cabinet for easy access. This is a relatively simple customization that can create a more useful corner kitchen cabinets.


Another tweak that can take advantage of pesky corner kitchen cabinets is the well-known Lazy Susan. This rotating shelf allows easy access to all the cabinet provides


If you're dealing with a blind corner in your cabinet, you may want to consider adding pull-out shelves-these will allow you to reach into the cabinet and choose which shelf to access, while pivoting the unused shelf to the trunk of the cupboard.

Corner kitchen cabinets, especially blind corner kitchen cabinets, can present design challenges in a kitchen. More importantly, they can waste valuable space.


You will probably find that your corner kitchen cabinets hold your meal and cooking or cleaning supplies so well that items get lost in the deep spaces in there and become forgotten dirt catchers. While some corner kitchen cabinets can be frustrating, they are possible in the design of most kitchens. The glad tidings are that there are a lot of new storage space solutions in the market now to assist in preventing your corner kitchen cabinets from becoming kitchen wastelands.


One idea to research is if your corner kitchen cabinets can become a drawer/cupboard combo. Drawers by nature pull out and invite you access to the back of your cupboards in the simplest way. Custom corner kitchen cabinets made with pie-shaped drawers are one option for creating a far more effective corner section of your kitchen. Take into account that with a pie-shaped drawer, you will need to create an innovative cabinet-pull system or have dual pulls-one set for each side of the pie.


If pull-out drawers or even pull-out internal cabinet shelves don't fix your corner storage space issues, another very popular corner kitchen cabinet solution is to install a lazy Susan. Lazy Susans allow you to rotate your cupboard shelves, getting items from the back of your space to leading for use. Lazy Susans can be purchased in a number of materials, finishes, sizes and shapes to support any corner storage space. They can be shaped like pie cuts, kidneys, half-moons, or full circles depending on your own settings needs. Lazy Susans can be installed to rotate within your existing cabinet or can be pulled out of your cabinet and then rotated for easy access to your cabinet contents.


Another, perhaps simpler option for your corner kitchen cabinets is to create a swing-out corner door. A hinged swing-out door, when extended, folds out away from the corner-thus exposing all the material of your corner kitchen cabinets for quick access. Adding this custom door onto your corner kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective way to make your kitchen space for storage more useful.


No real matter what you decide to store on your side kitchen cabinets, modern innovations in kitchen storage space solutions will provide you with plenty of options to increase your kitchen space and keep carefully the pull out those items you once thought were lost in the depths of your corner kitchen cabinets.


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