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The functional nature of the kitchen
- Jan 26, 2018 -

The kitchen decoration first must pay attention to its function. To create a warm and comfortable kitchen, to have the following: first, visually clean and refreshing; second, to have a comfortable and convenient operation center: cabinets to consider scientific and comfortable. The height of the stove, the distance between the stove and the sink, refrigerator and stove distance, zecai, vegetables, stir fry, vegetable have their own space, cabinets to design drawers; third, to have fun: for modern families, the kitchen is not only cooking place, but also the space for family communication, leisure stage, craft painting, Green plant and other ornaments began to enter the kitchen, and the breakfast table, bar and so more become a good idea to create leisure space, cooking can exchange a day to hear, is a dinner before the scenery.