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Kitchen considerations
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Keep cutting tool sharp, improve cutting technology, avoid cutting hands.

Be careful to dress safely. Don't wear a loose bathrobe or pajamas. Wear inflammable clothes, put a hand in the home with a fire extinguisher.

Regularly clean the floors and other places of grease. These oils burn easily when exposed to fire, and can also avoid cockroaches and small bugs.

Do not reach over the stove to get the seasoning. Place the seasoning in a safe and dry area at room temperature.

When we are not sure of the taste of the cooking, we always taste a mouthful before each dish, by the way, to comfort themselves, of course, not every mouth will make people satisfied.

Sponges and rags used in the kitchen can wipe out dirty bacteria and molds.

Studies have shown that putting a dishwasher in a microwave for a minute can be a disinfectant. But still have to change cloth.