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Custom Cabinets
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Custom cabinets are a reasonable design and production of cabinets according to demand.

In the function design aspect, generally speaking, the most can embody the Ambry science and technology content, is its function, the design. Ordinary cabinets generally have only basic storage functions, for goods to put, how to maximize the use of space and other aspects of the lack of consideration. and professional manufacturers of cabinets, in the functional design considerations are very meticulous: sinks, stove and other design for the embedded, beautiful and generous, drawer all the installation rails, lifting, the use of various functional accessories, can effectively use space, convenient access. In fact, custom cabinets are mainly in the style and function of the change

In terms of materials, homemade cabinets tend to use ordinary laminates and ordinary hardware accessories, so that the production of ordinary furniture, used for the production of cabinets, it is difficult to withstand the kitchen damp, high-temperature and corrosive materials erosion. and professional cabinets using corrosion-resistant and damp-proof high-grade fireproof board, not easily deformed damage, and easy to clean.