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Custom Cabinet Process steps
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Custom wood Cabinet Step one: Before customizing the preparation, first you need to choose a suitable solid wood cabinet brand.

How to customize solid wood cabinet Step two: look like to pay a certain amount of deposit, 3 days in advance to book a designer home first Test, the first test cabinets to communicate water, electricity, coal, electrical wiring arrangement and Cabinet preliminary design.

How to customize the solid wood cabinet steps three: The customer completes the ceiling, the wall, the ground and the kitchen electrical appliances in place, in advance 3 days to book the stylist to arrive at home retest to carry on the detailed design plan the step.

How to customize the solid wood cabinet step four: After the completion of the Test Designer in a week issued the design drawings and quotations submitted to customer audit confirmation.

How to customize solid wood cabinets Step Five: Customer Confirmation program.

How to customize a solid wood cabinet step Six: Production finished, scheduled door-to-door installation, production cycle generally about 45 days (cycle due to complexity vary).

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