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Common types of overall cabinets
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Cabinet body: According to space structure including hanging Ark, cabinet, decorative cabinets, high closet, etc.

Cabinet door: Choose larger, according to material composition and including wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, shutter doors and so on

Decorative Plate parts: including clapboard, roof, top board, back wall decoration, etc.

Table: Including man-made stone, fire board, artificial quartz stone, stainless steel countertops, natural stone countertops, excellent slate, etc.

Foot: Including the baseboard, adjusting the foot and connecting parts. Plastic and aluminum alloy feet are commonly used in the adjustment of the foot

Hardware accessories: including door hinge, rail, handle, hanging code, other structural accessories, decorative accessories, etc.

Function accessories: including Star Basin (man-made stone basin and stainless steel basin), faucet, plumbing, soap dispenser, all kinds of baskets, increased, racks, Mishe, garbage cans, etc.

LAMPS: floor lamp, roof lamp, all kinds of built-in, external cabinet special Lamp