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Acceptance standard for overall cabinets
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Door panel installation should be consistent with each other, high and low, all raphe width should be consistent; handle should be on the same horizontal line (except for special design); The table should be smooth, bright, no obvious scratches, stitching seam is not obvious; plumbing connection unobstructed, water does not flow into the gas, open the drawer 50mm or so (limited damping pumping), can automatically close, It shows that the bearing capacity is stronger.

The overall cabinet's advantages and vitality is beyond doubt, but the current market order is not sound enough, so developers and consumers in the purchase of cabinets, but also beware of many irregular businesses, in order to pursue higher profits in prices and contracts and products set on the "fishy."

Better installation quality is an important part of the overall quality of the Cabinet, but also to avoid the use of the most important aspects of the problem, consumers should pay more attention, so that will cause a high value to the merchant to do their best.

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