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We are factory specialized in Kitchen Cabinets more than 15 years.

Warehouses in California & Georgia.

$8 Millions RTA cabinets inventory.

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  • 26/1
    Custom Furniture Industry Is The Inevitable T...
    Customized home can be based on consumer personal preferences, in the design of the time to add more personalized elements, and has environmental protection, save space and other advantages, more and more consumers favor. With the increasing acceptance of custom home mode, the implementation of the "integration, whole House customization" strategy, custom home will become the mainstream of the future decoration consumption.
  • 26/1
    The Way To Price The Cupboard
    At present, the most commonly used in the Cabinet of the price of the way there are two kinds, one is based on the extension of rice, the other way is the price of the unit counter. The cost of the calculation of cabinets is specific: unit price of the length of the X cabinet, the cabinet, the Ark is priced separately.
  • 26/1
    The Intelligent Of The Whole Cabinet
    Set flushing, drying and other functions in a smart toilet, automatic adjustment of the water temperature of the shower ... This kind of intelligent home products not only have a stylish appearance, the most important thing is that its user-friendly function can make users enjoy life better, so that every bit of life has become more quality.